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Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance
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Food security is of major concern to insurers.

For farmers, it depends on the time of the year the hail hits. They may have partial damage to crops but their yield may recover. If, however, there is a major crop loss through hail, not much can be done to recover it.

Insurance plays a role in keeping farmers in business for the following year, and maintaining skills levels in the industry by ensuring continuity. Crop failures can be as a direct result of natural disasters such as floods and droughts. This can lead to food insecurity, famine, loss of property and life, mass immigration and negative national economic growth. Agriculture is probably the most important sector in the economies of developing countries. In South Africa, it employs a large workforce that provides more than a million formal and informal job opportunities, in addition to feeding the nation.

Having the correct insurance policy in place is vital for all farmers, in South Africa.

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