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Shops and Restaurants
Shops and restaurants can offer a quick, low-cost way for aspiring retailers to test their product on the public, but their transient nature can produce problems as well as opportunities.

Whenever a patron enters your food service establishment, your business could be found liable, should an accident ensue. For example, if a customer slips on a wet floor and breaks their wrist, they could file a lawsuit against your food service business. Even if the court does not rule in their favor, your food service business would still be responsible for court costs, including the steep attorney's fees to defend your business in court.

General Liability Insurance for food service professionals, however, protects your establishment against these kinds of claims as well as claims related to damaged property. Should your food service business be found liable for a claim, your business assets could be seized to pay the judgment if you don't have adequate protection.

General Liability coverage protects your company and its employees from claims brought against your business. For food service professionals, General Liability Insurance offers the peace of mind that your business can survive a costly lawsuit and still have the necessary funds to continue operating. Because legal fees can easily bankrupt a small business, General Liability Insurance is an essential component in any business protection plan, especially for food service professionals who serve others on a daily basis.

As professionals in a fast-paced industry, food service business owners know how quickly an accident can befall a patron in their establishment. From hot coffee burns to allergic reactions and food poisoning, your food service business must be prepared for the common lawsuits and mishaps that could derail a small business without adequate General Liability coverage.

If a third party's injury or illness results in death, your General Liability policy will cover medical expenses, funeral expenses, and court-awarded compensation.

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iconBodycorpBody Corporates
Security complex insurance is a mandatory responsibility for the body corporate. RSAB makes this simple and easy.

Car dealerships and garages
If you Business does repair/body work on vehicles that are not owned by the dealership, or you sell car that are not owned by you, then you'll need protection against damage to your customers vehicles.

General contractors, contractors, and subcontractors are commonly required to carry contractors insurance by the various laws and businesses they work for.

iconEngineeringEngineering enterprises
The RSAB team has in-depth expertise, experience and understanding of Engineering Insurances.

iconmarineMarine and Aviation enterprises
Our watercraft insurance offers extensive cover for all types of vessels. Whether you prefer the thrill of a jet ski, are more at home on your pleasure yacht for a Sunday afternoon cruise, or want to explore the azure waters of the Mediterranean, we can offer you the best cover for your water sport choice.

iconMedicalMedical enterprises
RSAB has gone the extra mile to make sure we've got a tailor-made business insurance product that will appeal to the very specific insurance needs of medical professionals (e.g. doctors, dentists, orthodontists, anaesthetists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, etc).

iconSchoolsSchool and Churches
We have a complete solution for schools in times of crisis and medical emergencies by handling emergencies on behalf of the schooling institution.

icontransportTransport enterprises
Goods in transit insurance cover property against loss or damage while it is in transit from one place to another or being stored during a journey. Goods in Transit insurance also protects the Transport operator for his responsibility in the event of damaged or lost freight.

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