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icon-carCar Insurance
Simply put... our comprehensive car insurance covers you for accident damage, theft, hi-jacking and fire damage, as well as for the small oopsies that you accidentally caused to other parties and/or their property as a result of an accident. 

Think about it: no matter how careful you are, there will always be things in life that are beyond your control.
Accidents and disasters can happen to anyone and if you aren’t properly insured, it could lead to financial ruin.

Whatever type of short-term insurance you require, we have a solution to suit your needs. All you have to do is choose
the type of cover you want from our range of options.

At RSAB, we are committed to providing short-term insurance solutions that deliver real value for money and meet the specific needs of our customers. We want to give you the most comprehensive, all-inclusive, car insurance package ever! Request a quote and see for yourself.

Benefits of RSAB car insurance:

  • Choose the level of cover for your car - comprehensive cover, limited cover or liability to other parties cover
  • No need to nominate drivers - we work on a regular driver basis
  • Cars are insured at retail value - with the option of insuring at market value.
  • Affordable insurance for non-financed cars under R50 000, and which are five years or older
  • 24-hour roadside assistance

In addition

  • No hidden costs - our excess fees are fixed
  • Guaranteed premiums for 12 months - whether you claim or not


To get Personal insurance cover that protects what’s important to you, call 022 487 9630  
or submit your details to us and a RSAB consultant in Your area will call you back.

iocn-homeHome Insurance
We get it. It's your home... your sanctuary... your place to put your feet up. And you don't want anyone messing with that. So when it comes to insuring everything in your home, RSAB Insurance offers unbeatable premiums! In just a few clicks, you can start saving today and enjoying the benefits of customized home insurance. What are you waiting for?

icon-liabilityGeneral Liability
Get Personal Goods Insurance quotes from us to insure important personal items like your briefcase or handbag contents, jewellery, cell phone, tablet and laptop against loss or damage from accidents, fire & theft.

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RSAM has agencies with several Insurers, which enables us to fully underwrite all your short term insurance requirements at highly competitive rates.”

“Your Peace of Mind, Our Passion!!

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